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Works published by the LRE (papers of two teams of the laboratory: High Voltage teams) in IEEE (Journals)*

*Ces travaux, qui donnent un aperçu général sur les thèmes et sujets de recherche abordés par le Laboratoire (avec ses 2 équipes), sont disponibles sur le site :, toutefois, le LRE peut être contacté.

Année 2011

Douar, M.A.;Mekhaldi, A.; Bouzidi, M.C, “Investigations on leakage current and voltage waveforms for pollution level monitoring under wetted and contaminated conditions”, IET Journals,Science, Measurement & Technology, Volume: 5, Issue: 2, Year: 2011, Page(s): 67 – 75.

Année 2010

Guerbas, F.; Zitouni, M.; Boubakeur, A.; Beroual, A, “Barrier effect on breakdown of point-plane oil gaps under alternating current voltage Generation, Transmission & Distribution”, IET Journals, Volume: 4, Issue: 11, Year: 2010, Page(s): 1245 – 1250.

Douar, M.A.; Mekhaldi, A.; Bouzidi, M.C, “Flashover process and frequency analysis of the leakage current on insulator model under non-uniform pollution conditions”, Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 17, Issue: 4, Year: 2010, Page(s): 1284 – 1297.

Année 2009

M'ziou, N.; Mokhnache, L.; Boubakeur, A.; Kattan, R, “Validation of the Simpson-finite-difference time domain method for evaluating the electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the lightning channel initiated at ground level”, IET Journals,Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Volume: 3, Issue: 3, Year: 2009 , Page(s): 279 – 285. 

Année 2008

Rogti, F.; Mekhaldi, A.; Laurent, C, “Space charge behavior at physical interfaces in cross-linked polyethylene under DC field”, Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 15, Issue: 5, Year: 2008, Page(s): 1478 – 1485.

Année 2004

Boubakeur, A.; Mokhnache, L.; Boukhtache, S.; Feliachi, A, “Theoretical investigation on barrier effect on point-plane air gap breakdown voltage based on streamers criterion”, IET Journals,Science, Measurement and Technology, Volume: 151 , Issue: 3, Year: 2004 , Page(s): 167 - 174.

Année 2003

Mokhnacke, L.; Boubakeur, A.; Feliachi, A, “Prediction of thermal ageing in transformer oil and high voltage PVC cables using artificial neural networks”, IET Journals,Science, Measurement and Technology, Volume: 150, Issue: 3, Year: 2003 , Page(s): 107 - 112.